Finding Your Strengths

Finding Your Strengths

by May Chau
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As a student, you may already have some ideas about what inspires you and what you’re good at. But do you have hidden strengths and passions you have yet to discover?

Your strengths or “superpowers” may not be as hidden as you thought. Sometimes, there aren’t opportunities for you to display your talents to others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to develop them. Often times, students like yourself are too focused on not making mistakes instead of developing strengths. To gain encouragement from your peers, family and teachers is a great way to get inspired.

So what can you do to find your strengths?

First of all, list out your hobbies. These could be things you’re really good at or simply just love doing–possibly both. Take the time to do this either at home, during free time at school or in an advisory class for self- improvement. Doing so in a group can be a rewarding experience because you can share and discover the strengths of others.

Now, think about a time in the past when you discovered an unexpected or hidden strength about someone else you knew. Reflect on why you thought that was very impressive and why it is important to know both your own and other people’s strengths. (This could also make a wonderful topic for your next creative writing assignment!)

Next, think about your parents, guardians, or any adult you happen to admire. What are their hidden strengths? Is your mom secretly the best pastry chef in the world? Get inspiration from an adult you admire by conducting an interview with them. Find out what they do during their free time, what their hopes and aspirations are and how they went about accomplishing their goals.

After reflecting on past experiences and learning about new ones, you are now ready to compile an inspiration scrapbook to help find your strengths.

But don’t just stop there! Finding and developing strengths take time. You must reserve time every week to develop your strengths. Maybe Friday afternoons are when you find the freest time after school. Get together with some friends to work on projects you find interesting. Have you always wanted to build a rocket? How about paint a portrait or write a song? Take the time to work out these projects and show them to friends, family and your class! Who knows, you might be able to turn it from a hobby into a career for the future.

Even the best talents must be discovered and fostered with the inspiration and support of others. Remind yourself and others around you the importance of their strengths. Let us make sure that this new school year is the best one yet!



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