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Fun, Recreational Organizations: Edmonton, Alberta

by Erin Kelly
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Here is a list of great, inclusive Edmonton organizations that help to bring activities and knowledge to the community, encouraging cooperation,togetherness and understanding. Whether you are into art, music or connecting with your peers, these organizations will provide fun for the whole family.

Organization: Choral Morphosis
Description: A music program and organization created specifically for developmentally disabled and physically disabled adults 16 and up. Music is performed by students at a number of different venues. For example, students of the organization have performed at events like the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.
Website: http://www.choralmorphosis.com
Email address: info@choralmorphosis.com

For more information on how to join Choral Morphosis, visit the website and feel free to email or call.

Organization: Art Express- Special Needs Adult Art Classes
Description: This is an awesome art class taught by professional artists that are experienced in working with students with developmental or physical disabilities. Brought to you by the Art Gallery of Alberta, they are sure to get you using all of your imagination to create amazing pieces of art!
Email address: nicole.reeves@youraga.ca
Phone: 780-422-6223
Website: http://www.youraga.ca

Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta website for more information or contact them through email or phone.

Organization: City of Edmonton SURF Programs
Description: What does SURF stand for? Social, Unique, Recreational and Fun! These Edmonton programs are for developmentally disabled adults and include activities like crafts, fitness, cooking, social dance, outing clubs, and more. If you want to get out, get moving and meet new people, SURF programs are the best way to do it.
City of Edmonton Recreation Facilities Edmonton , Alberta, Canada
Phone: 780-496-1497
Website: http://www.edmonton.ca/activities_parks_recreation/surf-programs.aspx

For more information and registration forms, visit the website above!

Organization: Camp Health, Hope, Happiness
Description: A recreational camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This camp provides recreational opportunities that encourage socialization, knowledge, health and fun. The camp is funded by public support and located on Lake Isle in Northern Alberta.
Email address: info@camphehoha.com
Phone: 780-429-3277
Fax: 780-797-3812
Website: http://www.camphehoha.com

Visit them on social media, too!

Organization: Challenger Baseball
Description: This organization is for adults with cognitive or physical disabilities that want to play baseball. The games are played without keeping score and just for fun! Each person that plays will have a chance to play to their own abilities and strengths. You get to know more of your peers and be part of a team, winning or loosing- it doesn’t matter.
Email address: drwren@shaw.ca
Website: http://challengerbaseball.ca/home



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