Career Profile: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Career Profile: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

by Susan Huebert
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Do you like animals? You and your family might look after your pet if you have one. However, did you know that people can earn a living by walking dogs and looking after pets? When people go away, or just when they need extra help, they might want to call on a pet sitter or dog walker for help. It might even be the right job for you someday.

Pets can be fun, helpful, and good company, but they can take a lot of work. They need to be fed every day, and dogs need to go out for walks several times during the day and maybe at night. Cats tend to need less care, but they also need to have food and water in their bowls and to have their litter boxes cleaned out. Other kinds of pets, like fish, hamsters, and birds all need different levels of care.

Not everyone has the time to take care of their pets themselves. They might work or go to classes during the day and need someone to take their animals out. Many people who go away on holidays prefer to leave their pets at home instead of taking them to a kennel or other places where animals can stay. However, that means that someone has to take care of the pets while the owners are away.

Almost anyone who likes animals and has the patience to look after them can become a dog walker or pet sitter. The first step is to get to know as much as possible about animals. Part of learning about pets comes from experience, but it can also be helpful to read books and websites about them. The first step is to decide what kinds of animals you want to look after. Once you know that, you can find the right sources of information to tell you what you need. If you have a pet and go to the Vet often, ask them questions about how you could provide the best care to pets.

Anyone can look after a pet for a friend or a relative. However, many cities have rules about how many dogs that people can walk at one time. If you want to become a professional dog walker in the future, you should check to see what permits you might need to get. You should also try to find the parks where dogs can be off of their leashes for a while.

Working as a pet sitter or dog walker can be a full-time job for anyone who is willing to work to get new clients. Payment can vary from minimum wage to twice as much or even more, but it depends on the employer and type of animal. You might not earn much money yet as a dog walker or pet sitter, but this is the type of job that can grow with you as you get older. If you enjoy looking after animals, the job of dog walker or pet sitter might be right for you.

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