Careers in Travel

Careers in Travel

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Are you itching to hop on a plane and end up somewhere completely different? Do you long to learn about other cultures but need a consistent paycheck while you are doing it? There are many jobs that involve travel—such as archaeology, geology and consulting, but we have narrowed down some job ideas for the travel-hungry that are a little more specific.

English Teacher

This is one of the best ways to start paying off student loans while getting to travel at the same time. Typically acquired by those who are fresh out of university, teaching English as a second language in different countries around the world typically requires a Bachelor’s degree, strong language and leadership skills, and a commitment of at least one year. This is a fantastic way to ease yourself into the work force while gaining life experience. Many of these teaching jobs take place specifically in China, Korea and Japan.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are absolutely essential to our economy—they transport raw materials and finished goods over land on a deadline. If you decide to follow this route, you will be expected to inspect your vehicle consistently for safety and mechanical issues, and will often also be responsible for sales and customer service if you decide to operate your own business. This constant road-trip job can be lonely, but those who enjoy solitary work thrive and can earn a lot of money.

Flight Attendant

Of course the best way to see the world is to always be on a plane! Flight attendants are in charge of the safety and comfort of passengers on flights. While making sure the flight goes safely is their number one priority, they also functions as servers. It is now normal for airlines to employ both women and men, and multilingual flight attendants are in high demand—particularly in Canada, it is quite an asset to speak French. The more wide your range, the more interesting places you will get to go to and higher class flights you will be on!

Au Pair

The most glamorous kind of babysitter, au pairs are domestic assistants who travel to other countries to live with a host family. They are responsible for childcare, housework and receive allowances for personal use. This is a great way to travel and see other countries in a financially sound way…rent and living-expenses free.

Travel Tour Guide

Often where you get travel tour guide work will depend on your language abilities, although English is a very important one and sometimes all you need depending on the kinds of tourists you deal with. These workers provide information on cultural, historical and contemporary knowledge to tourists while also assisting them. This may involve large groups or private small groups. Typically these jobs will take place at museums or other educational establishments, religious sites or sites of historical importance.

International Aid Worker (Red Cross)

Often a very physically and emotionally demanding job, being an international aid worker requires first aid experience. Being emergency response means that you will be on-call and away from home for long periods of time. You must work well as part of a team, work for continuous long periods of time, and thrive in multi-cultural environments. While this is very difficult work, many people believe it to be extremely rewarding. You must be able to integrate well with others’ heritages and beliefs and always respect the country you are in.

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