Child Development Practitioner

Child Development Practitioner

by Patrick Start
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What is a child development practitioner? A child development worker or CDP works with infants, toddlers and pre school age children. They help plan and organize activities for the children, engage socially with the children and teach them basic skills.

CDPs work in the ECE Field (early childhood education). Students in this field study the psychological development of children. Student will also get the opportunity to work with children in class as well as field placements gaining valuable work experience.

Many colleges offer two year diplomas for the field of ECE and CDPs. Once you are a CDP you can begin an apprenticeship. Students usually have to complete an ECE (early childhood educator) program before they can enroll to become a CDP. Once completed individuals can become registered with the Ontario College of Early Childhood educators.

The majority of CDPs work in day cares. They help initiate curriculums for children, create nutritious meal plans, do activities and teach the children about toilet training, socials skills such as manners and sharing. CDPs may also start their own home day care and become self-employed. Home day care operators are required to follow the same guidelines as regular days and must be up to the same standards as other chain businesses with annual inspections.

Working as a CDP can be a very enjoyable experience. You get to be creative, teach children, and bond with them. If you enjoy working with children, then this is the career for you.



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