Disability Events in March 2016

Disability Events in March 2016

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Commence 2016
This Toronto get-together is for young people with intellectual disabilities interested in expanding their academic, creative and career worlds. In collaboration with the Ryerson School of Disability Studies, host Community Living Ontario welcomes speakers John Obrien, Tom Kohler, and Beth Keeton to discuss exploring skills and options in a fast moving world.
March 1-2, Toronto, ON, Ryerson Student Centre

Brain Awareness Week
A far-stretching community with a brain disability focus, the website www.dana.org/BAW allows you to find local events and online resources centering on disabilities such as bipolar disorder, Huntington’s and other cognitive ailments. This is not just for those who suffer from brain disorders. Brain Awareness Week is a perfect time to acquire knowledge about the many things that affect our loved ones and society as a whole.
March 14-20, Across-Canada

Purple Day
Founded by the young Cassidy Megan, The Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness seeks to educate about epilepsy while dispelling myths and letting those who suffer from it know that they are not alone. While this is a relatively new foundation—having been created in 2008—support from family, friends and those who suffer from seizures like Cassidy will help to promote Purple Day as an important mark on our calendars.
March 26th, Across-Canada, www.purpleday.org

March of Dimes
This organization functions as a support for people with disabilities throughout Canada. www.marchofdimes.ca states that the organization focuses on visible (wheelchair), not-so-visible and aging factors that contribute to disability. The March of Dimes events that take place during the month of March cover information on various physical disabilities and are open to both those who deal with them as well as friends and family.

Halifax (March 4), Saskatoon (March 7) and London (March 24)—further information on locations and times can be found at www.marchofdimes.ca.

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