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Scholarships for Students from Low-income Families

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Getting an education in our modern day means that the majority of university graduates enter the work force weighed down by debt; a twenty-something with a $10,000-plus student loan right when they might be considering starting a family or continuing their studies is a serious stressor. While it is good practice to try and accept that this is a reality of our time and country and we can work out payment plans, there is a lot of free money out there. Go find it! Most of the scholarships in Canada are dependent on grades and the specific school you choose to attend. However, the Canadian government does recognize students from low-income homes and will automatically consider you through student loan applications.

The Canada Student Grant for Students from Low-Income Families

• This grant provides $250 per each month of study during your undergrad.
• You must be from a Canada Student Loans Program-defined low-income family (visit the website for guidelines).
• You must have applied and are then subsequently qualified for financial assistance.
• You must be enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program that runs for a minimum of two years.
• You cannot live in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories or Quebec. These places have their own financial assistance operations for students.

Visit www.cibletudes-canlearn.ca/eng for a breakdown of each province’s Canada Student Grant funding and information on how to apply for a loan. Note, this used to be referred to as the Millennium Project.

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