Success in the Trades: A Perspective

Success in the Trades: A Perspective

by Erin Kelly
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Many people get into the trades and find out that it isn’t for them. If you have never worked in the trades before, it can be a shock to your system- the weather, the physical and technical demand and the work hours. For some, it can be too much to handle. However, there are so many people in Canada excelling in what they do in the trades, and are continuing to push boundaries.

In Alberta, the trades industries have been thriving. Because of the provinces’ close tie to oil and gas, there are a lot of opportunities to work in the trades. Though the current economic situation in Canada may not be at its best, there are still lots of jobs available in which you can reach success. There are a lot of ways to measure success, but here are 5 factors you can keep in mind when determining it:

1. You enjoy what you do on a daily basis and are always up for new challenges in your field.
2. You are able to express your voice, concern and expertise in your job.
3. You feel welcomed and comfortable in your place of work.
4. You are financially satisfied in which you can fulfill your needs, and a few wants (not all wants!)
5. You are able to learn and grow every day in your field, and even move up the ladder.

The women that have graduated from the WBF (Women Building Futures) are excelling in their careers and seem to live up to all 5 points above:

Follow this link: http://www.womenbuildingfutures.com/EmployerServices/GraduateStories.aspx

In the coming months, JobsPeopleDo will be posting success stories about people in the trades. You will get to read about the trades and hear their stories first hand, and maybe, gain advice and encouragement that will help you make your future career decisions!

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