Career Profile: Baker

Career Profile: Baker

by Susan Huebert
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For some people, baking is a favourite weekend activity. When they have a few free hours, they go to the kitchen and produce cookies, bread, and buns to last for the next week or two for themselves, their families, and possibly guests. For others, however, baking is a job that gives them the chance to earn a living whilst supplying people with fresh food. If you enjoy baking bread, cakes, and cookies now, why not consider becoming a baker?

If you bake at home, you might have an idea of what the job is like. It involves measuring and mixing ingredients like flour, sugar, baking soda, and cocoa to make all kinds of breads, cookies, and other foods. Some of them require very exact measurements, but others are more flexible. Bakers learn to work with these different ingredients to find the best recipes. This involves the ability to follow directions but also to be creative. Many bakers develop special recipes that they become known for making, but they also have to be able to adapt to what people want.

Many people in this trade work in established bakeries, but they might also set up stores on their own. Depending on where they work and how much experience they have, bakers earn between about ten and twenty dollars per hour, but having special skills with particular foods can help. Besides being able to cook, bakers should also know a lot about the equipment that they use and be able to fix small problems if necessary.

The size of the bakery and other factors can affect what kind of training bakers need. Some bakers might be able to learn all they need to know just by working at a job. An apprenticeship is a good way for many people to learn from experienced bakers while they develop their own skills. Getting a diploma or certificate from a training school can also help prepare bakers for whatever they might need to do, but it is not always necessary.

If you want to work in a small bakery, you might not need a lot of formal education, but you need to know about many different kinds of baking. In a larger business, you might be able to specialize in a particular type, such as pastry or bread. However, having a wide knowledge is good for whatever you intend to do. There is also baking for a large manufacturer- this might be a place to get your feet wet.

One of the most difficult parts of being a baker is the hours. Most stores have fresh baking on the shelves every morning, which means that bakers have to be up very early to prepare the food. They might start their days in the middle of the night so that the bread, pies, and cookies are ready by the time customers come in on their way to work.

Do you like baking? Why not choose this trade for your future?


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