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Fun, Recreational Organizations: British Columbia

by Erin Kelly
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Cool Arts Society

About: Art classes for teen and transitioning adults with disabilities. Do you like expressing yourself through art and socializing with others? Join a class!


The Cool Arts Society

RPO Box 24067

Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 9H2

Website: http://www.coolarts.ca/


Rena Warren:


Email: info@coolarts.ca


 BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities

Vision: “to continue providing not only specialized services and facilities, but also challenging and supporting young hearts and minds as well.  Giving children with disabilities self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of independence is what our community is all about.”

Website: http://www.lionsbc.ca/default.aspx?PageID=1019

Easter Seals Camps 2016 Information: http://www.lionsbc.ca/default.aspx?PageID=1019


Vancouver Office:

Toll Free: 1-800-818-4483

Email: info@lionsbc.ca

Victoria Office:

Toll Free: 1-888-868-2822

Email: info@forthekidsbc.org

BC Easter Seals Summer Camp Inquiries

Toll Free: 1-800-818-4483

Email: camp@lionsbc.ca


BC Self Advocacy Foundation

About:  The foundation is to “assist people with developmental disabilities to become full, participating citizens in their own communities.”

No Barriers Campaign Video: http://www.inclusionbc.org/self-advocates/bcsaf

For more information on programs and events, visit http://www.inclusionbc.org/ .


BC Wheel-Chair Sports


“BC Wheelchair Sports is the leading organization inspiring people to achieve individual excellence through wheelchair sports.”


“Through leadership, awareness and mentorship, BCWSA provides exceptional wheelchair sport programs and services that promote active living and the pursuit of excellence.”

Website: http://www.bcwheelchairsports.com/


780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7

Toll Free: 1.877.737.3090

Email: info@bcwheelchairsports.com


B.C. Mobility Opportunities Society

About: “BCMOS is an independent non-profit society dedicated to enriching the lives of people with significant physical disabilities through wilderness recreation activities.”

Website: www.disabilityfoundation.org/bcmos

Email: bcmos@disabilityfoundation.org

Phone: (604) 222.1312

Check out cool spring and summer programs at http://www.bcmos.org/main/



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