Got Weird? A Look into Unusual...

Got Weird? A Look into Unusual Scholarships

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Are you closing in toward the end of your high school years and looking into the options of getting into college or university? One important thing you can’t overlook is your finances. Sure, you might have explored the possibilities of scholarships, and you believe you only have a shot at one if you’re truly a braniac or a future superstar athlete or a Van Gogh in the making. Don’t hold on to that thought too much- there are actually a few unusual scholarships where you don’t necessarily have to be a straight A student or possess the common qualifications.

Frank J. Richter Scholarship

This one is something that will catch the attention of train fanatics ala The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper. This scholarship amounting to $1,000 and available through the American Association of Railroad Superintendents (AARS) is open to college or university students currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. Those enrolled in the transportation field are preferred. Applicants should have accumulated enough credits from their respective accredited schools in time for the Fall Semester that are equivalent to at least a sophomore level standing at the college or university of enrolment.

The AARS Scholarship Committee evaluate applicants based on the materials submitted. Points are assigned for the narrative, recommendations, activities, and honours and the applicant’s overall abilities.

Duck Brand Duct Tape “Stuck at Prom” Contest

Ever played one Toilet Paper Dress Up? Well, this scholarship is, surprise, similar to that except that you would have to show your Project Runway skills by using duct tape and create a “His and Hers” prom attire. The scholarship amounts to $10,000 and is open to couples who are legal residents of the United States and Canada except the Province of Quebec. Along with the photograph of the couple in the duct tape prom attire, they should also submit the name, address, and telephone number of the high school, or home school association, which holds the prom, and the date the prom was held. Yes, this means they actually have to wear the outfits in public.

Swann Foundation Caricature & Cartoon Fellowship

Think comic artists never amount to anything? Think again! After all, the likes of Charles Schultz and Jim Davis practically built an empire with their comics. So if you like doodling, you might want to consider this scholarship. The award amount is $15,000 and is available to graduate students who are working toward the completion of a dissertation or thesis for scholarly research and writing projects within the field of caricature and cartoon or be engaged in postgraduate research within three years of receiving an M.A. or Ph.D.

Annual Pasta Tales Essay Contest

Is your love of pasta is getting out of hand? Why not take advantage and take a shot of this scholarship of $2,500 which is sponsored by Olive Garden. The main qualification is to write an essay (maximum of 250 words) about what you would help your local community if you have $5,000 on hand. The themes do change annually, but it usually fall along the lines about community.

Are you ready to take a stab at these scholarships? All is fair in love and war, as they say—and maybe that goes for scholarships too.






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