What I Would Tell My Younger Self About...

What I Would Tell My Younger Self About University

by Jamie Hadland
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There are many things I’d like to tell my younger self about what to expect when I got to University. I think the most important thing would be the importance of balance. It’s easy to get caught up in socializing and recreational activities. There’s so much to do and so many new things to experience and sometimes classes can lose their priority. But balance is the key to ensuring you have a fun, well-rounded experience.

Spending too much time partying or hanging out with friends can not only have a negative impact on your studies, but it can also have a negative impact on your bank account. For most students, university is the first opportunity they’ve had to manage their own finances, live on their own and be independent. Without learning how to balance all aspects of your life, these changes can sometimes become overwhelming. When we become overwhelmed it can be more difficult to complete tasks on time, get to class, eat right and take care of ourselves. All the things we need to do to stay healthy and happy can be pushed to the side, causing us to become easily agitated or depressed.

It’s equally as important to remember not to focus so much on school you forget to experience the other aspects of university life. Academics are important, but a well-rounded education and a fulfilling university experience are also important. Get involved in clubs, sports teams or volunteer activities. Meet people. Go to a few parties. Hang out at the library. Eat the bad cafeteria food. Get involved in student politics. Try new things.

Remember, university is a time to discover what interests you. So, take a variety of courses, talk to an advisor about how to best reach your goals. Keep your options open (especially in your first year). Give yourself some time to get settled and to adjust to your new life before you make any major decisions.

After university it’s time to enter the “real world” so allow yourself to enjoy the process. Have fun. Don’t take things too seriously, but don’t goof off too much either. After all you are preparing for your future. Balance really is the key to success.


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