Inspirational Leaders Worth Mentioning

Inspirational Leaders Worth Mentioning

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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When celebrities dominate the news and social media, it can be difficult to narrow in on inspirational leaders, specifically for kids. Whether you are into sports, science or computers, or feel like life offered you a harder hand than your friends, there are people out there to look up to. Here are a few:

Bill Nye- The Science Guy!
Bill Nye may be on your radar because of his work on children’s television networks, but he is so much more than that. A Cornell University graduate and real life super science guy, Nye has worked as a mechanical engineer and co-developed MarDial—a sundial created for the Mars Exploration Rover missions. Meaning, he has worked for NASA! While his accomplishments are many, it is also inspiring that Nye managed to combine his love of stand-up comedy and performance with his love of science. Using these attributes to teach children about science has been so influential, he has reached every generation since the early 1990s with ease. The bow-tied super scientist never falls out of obscurity, tackling the issues that are most important to the current day like the most recent climate change debate.

Bethany Hamilton- Surfer Extraordinaire
The 25-year-old professional surfer survived a shark attack in 2003, but the incident left her with her left arm bitten off. Not letting that stop her career, Hamilton returned to the professional surfing world and reigned. Her autobiography Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board is a true tale of perseverance, the deep love of surfing and facing obstacles with a positivity that is hard to achieve. The story of Hamilton proves that no matter what happens to you throughout your life, there is always a way to achieve your dreams and goals. This comes with a lot of hard work and at times, forced positivity- but life is hard and a true judge of character is how you choose to approach it.

Bill Gates- The Computer Whiz
Another Bill! You cannot have an inspirational leaders list without an entrepreneur and billionaire. Having co-created Microsoft, Gates has led a long career that has stayed at the forefront of technical creativity and business. His wealth has steadily grown since the 1980s, and he is currently the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $77.3 billion US. That is a lot of money, but life isn’t about wealth—Gates has been consistently involved in philanthropic and charitable practices, putting a lot of his money into making the world a better place. Often criticized for not being competitive in the field of software—unlike Steve Jobs etc.—Gates’ calm approach to marketing and capitalism is refreshing in a world that moves too fast at times and to the beat of a very greedy drum.

Nick Vujicic- Living without Limits!
This is one especially inspiring for those who suffer from disabilities. Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome; this rare disorder means that he has none of his four limbs. In an age of YouTube, Vujicic testified to a life without limits and working past obstacles, bullying and thoughts of suicide. If you ever feel limited—even without disabilities—just remember that no matter how hard it is there is always hope. You can take control of your life no matter the home situation, financial situation, personal relationship or physical limitations. Vujicic is now an international motivational speaker and author. Check out his YouTube videos to get inspired and add a push to your day.

BONUS- The people in your own life!
Let’s not forget about parents, siblings and teachers…the everyday heroes that inspire you and provide guidance. Believe it or not, these people will have the most long lasting affect on you. Often times the person you wish to become will mirror the adult in your life that you respect the most.

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