Living the Entrepreneurial Life

Living the Entrepreneurial Life

by Anthony Teles
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Traditionally, we are hunters. In the modern world, we still hunt: for jobs, for apartments, for dates, and more. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors took a huge step in their evolution when they transitioned to farming. Entrepreneurs are also farmers. Instead of going out and mining existing resources for jobs, you are instead planting the seeds for those very resources.

Entrepreneurs are able to gather together resources to make their products or provide their service, find the money to make it happen, hire the people they need, and set up the office space to get the job done. They fearlessly don many hats and juggle the roles as needed. To become one yourself, you have to be prepared to do all of these things. You will be free from the 9-to-5 world, but be ready to work evenings, nights, and weekends with a schedule that could change weekly.

Entrepreneurs use their strengths to add value to the world around them. This can take a myriad of shapes and forms. As an employee, you must assess what is expected of you and utilize your strengths to make that happen. As an entrepreneur, you must assess your strengths and utilize them unexpectedly. You are not given work, but create your own work from the ground up. The freedom is frightening, but it also paves pathways allowing nearly any skill set to be utilized.

To start, spend time sorting out your service or product until you are comfortable, but not to the point of perfection. It will inevitably evolve as you have successes, failures, receiving feedback, and experience the ups and downs that come with the entrepreneurial world. Social media makes it much easier to grab someone’s attention, but harder to hold on. You will want to make immediate impacts. Keep your website design simple utilizing a few select images. Pull out your best camera, or rely on a photographer to get you the shot you need.

Corporate businesses live in a competitive world where the small can be devoured by the large. As an entrepreneur, you do not have to fret over your size. The elasticity of your business can mean uncertainty and struggles, but it also offers freedom. Do not dwell on whether your business is big or small, as the latter can be frightening and the former disheartening. You business simply is. Whether as a team or solo, as your primary income source or supplementary, as a part-time or full-time endeavour, your business is your baby.

You must be able to create structure from chaos, be prepared to take on the initiative on a daily basis, and brave the unpredictability that awaits you. Above all, you need a strong understanding of your own skill set and the ways it could be utilized in the world around you. Take time to jot down some notes about what you would want to do and how you would go about it. The moment your thoughts hit the paper, you are an entrepreneur.


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