May is the Month to Move!

May is the Month to Move!

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Happy May!

It can be hard to believe that the school year is almost done- doesn’t it have a way of creeping up on us? Right about now you may be wondering: What am I doing this summer? Should I have a job lined up already? Where do I look? Sometimes we leave things to the last minute and it ends up costing us in the end. It is a good idea to start looking around for summer jobs right now- tuition won’t pay itself! Looking for a job can be tough in these economic times, but they are out there- you just have to be bold and go beyond just looking on the internet. Let yourself be known face to face- get out there- network your heart out!

JPD’s May issue contains lots of articles on scholarships, the benefits of internships, the challenges of getting employment, study techniques, and some tips on transitioning from high school to university or college for students with disabilities.

Interested in working in the trades but don’t want to do very much physical work? Check out our list of physical and not-so- physical trades list in the Trades section.

JPD has also UPDATED our Scholarships for Aboriginal Students and Getting your 40 Hours of Community Service pages. These updated pages are full of new links and tips- be sure to check them out!

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Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor


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