Signs a Career in the Trades May Be for...

Signs a Career in the Trades May Be for You

by Teodora Pasca
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A career in the trades is a phenomenal opportunity to work in an engaging, hands-on environment. But how do you know this kind of career is right for you? If you’re thinking at all about going into a trade, there are certain core skills, assets, and traits common to many trades-persons that may encourage you to look deeper into this kind of opportunity. Here are four signs suggesting that a career in the trades may be right for you.

You like figuring out how things work.

Some people are fascinated by the intricacies of machinery or equipment, and have a knack for seeing how the pieces of complicated mechanical puzzles fit together. If you’ve ever taken apart a toy or electronic just to get a glimpse of how it works, you would probably enjoy trades that involve these types of activities, such as mechanics or construction. Due to the experiential nature of the field, a career in the trades will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of systems and processes.

You like to solve problems.
Problem-solving lies at the core of many trades. Whether you are repairing something that needs fixing, implementing upgrades that will help something work better, or creating something new that will facilitate the functioning of a device or machine, careers in the trades will certainly allow you to develop the skills necessary to find a solution to even the most complex problems. The consultation and evaluation process involved in many trades will allow you to tackle problems in an innovative way, and there is excellent satisfaction in knowing that you contributed to the resolution when a problem is finally solved.

You learn best hands-on.
Most people have a preferred method that they know helps them most effectively learn new information and skills. If you learn best from direct experience and action, as opposed to readings or lectures, the trades might suit your needs. Most trades careers allow you to work with your hands, performing tasks such as assembly, building, or repairs, and broadening your learning in an experiential way. As such, these careers are often great for people who like to stay active and prefer concrete, experiential learning over more abstract theories and methods.

You want to stay active on the job.

Being cooped up in an office or sitting behind a desk all day doesn’t bode well for all employees, especially if you are used to working on your feet. Luckily, the physical activity associated with many trades allows you to dispense your energy in a more active and engaging way. Some careers in the trades can also involve travelling and fieldwork in different locations, which is great if you thrive when exposed to different work environments.

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