Stop Making Studying a Drag! Tips to...

Stop Making Studying a Drag! Tips to Make It a Delight

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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There is a small percentage of students who look forward to studying for tests and exams- but most dread it! Like all the Sheldon Coopers before them, they get excited at the thought of assignment and report submissions, get giddy when it comes to the announcement of grades, and anticipate taking more courses or subjects- this could be you, even. If it is, you may have found the secret to studying for exams and tests, successfully. You have found a way to make it enjoyable, and even fun.

For those who struggle with finding the delight in studying, here are a few ways you can make the experience more enjoyable:

Study with a group.

No man is an island, and that rings true when you are studying for a big test. It will help a lot if you gather your classmates or group mates and set up a study schedule. This way, you can learn from each other and bring out the best in each other.

Concentrate with music.

Not everyone is the type who likes to study with a group, and if this fits your description, you may be better off studying on your own. If you find it hard to tune out everything else—like if your roommate is playing a videogame or your neighbours are having a party—the best approach is to tune out the external distractions with music. You can experiment with the type of music that best suits you. Some are able to study well with heavy metal music, while some prefer classical music like Mozart.

Make use of multimedia learning materials.

You may have used video sites to learn how to do contouring or to make killer carbonara pasta. Now try to use it to do difficult mathematical equations or to find out how snowflakes are unique. You would be surprised of how much you can learn from some learning channels. Just be careful and discipline yourself not to wander into non-educational sites like the social networking sites.

Give yourself a treat.

No need to be too hard on yourself. If you feel that you have done well with your studying activities, then by all means, reward yourself with a scoop (or two scoops) of your favourite ice cream or plop yourself on the couch and watch favourite scenes from your fave show or movie—just be wary of binge watching or you will never get to complete your studying chores.

Change your scenery.

If you feel that your room just makes studying even harder, then maybe it is time to change the scenery. Go to the neighbourhood park or head to your favourite café. Maybe a change is what you need to jolt some life into your academic goals.

Now that you know these suggestions, you can now make studying much more engaging.


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