Ways to Relieve Stress During Exam Time

Ways to Relieve Stress During Exam Time

by Marianne Stephens
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Ah, exam time – what a stressful period. It’s never fun for anyone, and everybody looks like they’ve been run through the wringer, looking even more sleep-deprived than usual. This is a well-known and documented problem, with articles and reports surfacing every year just before exam season, particularly targeted at university and college students.  However, this also applies for high school students; maybe more so, since college and University admission is often conditional on your final grades.

So, what can you do about the stress? There are lots of different approaches, but no real correct method. That’s why I recommend that you find something that works for you specifically, and use it as an occasional diversion from studying.  Even a small break or a change in activity can be a nice reward.

Crafts vary in type, from woodworking and macramé to making jewellery or gardening; they all use skill sets that will give your brain something different to think about. This works to your advantage as well; you can develop a hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn, leading itself to personal satisfaction- which is always a great stress reliever.

Knitting or its counterpart, crocheting, is technically two crafts that complement each other. You can make great clothing pieces such as scarves and mittens, alongside the tiny figures of pop media. There are lots of tutorials due to the complexities of some patterns, but this is a great stress reliever that works on different skill sets, lending itself a growing knowledge of patience, skill, and items that you can show off.

Playing video games can be a great stress reliever. Whatever your game of choice, you can vent steam this way rather than against yourself or others – obviously, with the headset on mute so that no one else’s studying is disturbed. I would advise some caution here, as with ‘live’ games, frayed tempers can result very easily, particularly with enthusiastic players. Board games and personal games are fun as well – it’s one of the reasons why there are so many phone application games – it’s much more satisfying to have completed a level that’s been difficult to beat for a week.

Colouring books are gaining in popularity for a reason – with several different strategies, for those who want it as stress relief, or those who are looking for something to do.  They’re not just for kids anymore. They help relieve stress because they help focus your attention on anything but school work (or actual work). They help you focus on the simple things: breathing, picking colours, and focusing on a task that helps time go by.  As the time passes, you’ll find yourself becoming calmer.

Activities on campus are always available, particularly during exam season. Many schools now have dogs or cats visiting campus during exam season.  That’s always a great comfort, particularly if you’re missing your own pet from home.  Sitting with a purring cat has always lowered my own stress levels.

The main idea is to learn to relax, even if it means taking some time away from work.  When you feel your stress levels sink back to normal, you can re-focus your mind on getting that A.

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