Disability Events to Watch Out for this...

Disability Events to Watch Out for this June!

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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June 3
Right to Dream—The Disability Action Hall
Calgary, AB

Hear stories of perseverance, success and support and perhaps even share your own! Run by self-advocates and allies, the Action Hall seeks to unite the disabled community and its supporters while also having fun.

June 13-14
Workplace Mental Health—Conference Board of Canada
Toronto, ON

Meet innovators and leaders with both mental health issues and a passion for innovation concerning mental health and learn how they are succeeding. This event has a focus on workplace action on mental health and wellness. Learn how you can create a wellness program in the workplace and how that can have an extremely positive effect on performance, happiness and health among employees.

June 16-18
17th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference
Kelowna, BC

Discussing growing ideas in the world of mental health, this Okanagan-based conference is a collaborative and interactive experience available to researchers, consumers and family members, health care professionals, administrators and educators. Anyone who has a passion or interest in mental health and its growing awareness in the Canadian collective community is welcome.

June 23-25
IGNITE: Conference on developmental disability and inclusion for all—Inclusion BC
Prince George, B.C.

The 60th anniversary of this annual event, Inclusion BC presents a conference that fuels new ideas on trends and issues to advance the opportunities and rights of those with developmental disabilities as well as their families. There will be discussions on innovation, citizenship, inclusion and leadership among a group of over 600 self-advocates, family members, service providers, community leaders and advocates.

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