End Your Internship on a High Note

End Your Internship on a High Note

by Meghan Brown
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Internships are an integral part of the process of becoming a professional in the trades, as well as many other fields of employment.  Not only do internships provide students with valuable experience in their field, they can also lead these students directly into a permanent career.

However, while internships definitely help students to get hired into their chosen profession, nothing is guaranteed.  This means that it’s vital you do your best to make a great impression during your time with the company, and end your internship on a high note to help give you the best chance at becoming a permanent hire.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers

This is important, since these are the people you hope to work with long-term if you are hired on permanently.  Try to introduce yourself to all the members of your team or department, and get to know their function in the company and what tasks they perform as part of their job.  This will show that you’re interested in the job and the company on a long term basis.

Be Enthusiastic, But Professional

The key here is to show your supervisors how much you enjoy the work you’re doing, as well as the overall employment experience.  This includes everything from showing a general good attitude and willingness to work, to sitting down with your supervisor and telling them directly that you enjoy the job and would be very happy to have a future permanent position.

Watch, Learn, and Be Willing to Take On New Tasks

This basically sums up an internship as a whole, but is still important to mention.  Taking the time to watch and learn when you’re being trained in a new task, and ensuring that you practice to become good at it, will be strong indicators that you will make a great future employee.  The same goes for always offering to learn a new task, help a co-worker, or take on new duties.  These actions show you are dedicated to the job and to becoming a valuable employee.

Show Your Appreciation and Stay in Touch

Not all hiring decisions will take place right as your internship is over, and just because your internship term ends without an immediate job offer doesn’t mean you should simply move on.  Maintaining the relationships you formed during your time with the company can put you at the top of the list at the next opportunity for hiring.  Make sure you show your appreciation to your supervisors, and treat them to coffee and a chat at some point during or after your internship as a thank you.  Also make sure you keep in touch with these supervisors and your other co-workers, through email, LinkedIn and other social media, or some other connection.  One of these people could be instrumental in connecting you to or recommending you for a future job opportunity.




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