Pros and Cons of Apprenticeship

Pros and Cons of Apprenticeship

by Jingwei Chen
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If you are interested in becoming a skilled tradesperson in Canada, apprenticeship is a necessary step. This period of training allows you to gain the skills you need and consists mostly of learning on the job with some theory coursework. Before you undertake this career choice, make sure you read up on the pros and cons of the apprenticeship:

What are the pros of an apprenticeship?

The ability to earn while you learn

Pursuing a college or university education can mean heavy student loans and little or no income from a part-time job; an apprenticeship allows you to earn money while you learn. From a financial standpoint, an apprenticeship wins over other means of post-secondary education. Where else will you be paid to learn?

Greater networking opportunities

The majority of your apprenticeship time will be spent working in the industry. This means you have opportunities every day to interact with prospective future clients, employers and coworkers. The earlier in your career that you make these professional connections, the better your career prospects will be.

What are the cons of apprenticeship?

A potentially steep learning curve at first

When you start your apprenticeship, you are basically diving into the deep end. Your mentor has their own work responsibilities and pressures on top of training and looking after you, the apprentice. Do not expect a lot of coddling. The learning curve may be steep, but how you react and handle yourself will make an impression—either positive or negative—on your mentor.

Length of apprenticeship too long

The length of your apprenticeship depends on the skilled trade you are learning, but the training can take anywhere between 2 to 5 years. Apprenticeship is not a faster option than college or university. The time commitment per year may be greater for apprentices who work for roughly 10 months per year in addition to 6 to 8 weeks of in-class training. In colleges and universities, students typically attend school for 8 months per year.

Now that you have looked over the pros and cons of apprenticeship, you may have a better idea of the career path you are considering. If you have questions, look through the references for this article for more information.






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