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Skilled Trades Schools in Western Canada: Part 1

by Jingwei Chen
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Western Canada comprises four provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. There are many skilled trades schools in Western Canada that one article cannot cover them all. This article will feature two schools per province, with information on which skilled trades are taught at those schools.

In Alberta:

 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology offers pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in over 30 skilled trades, including auto body technician, baker, bricklayer, cook, ironworker, materials technician, plumber, and welder. This school also offers online apprenticeship learning, where theoretical learning is completed online instead of in-class.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s School of Trades offers diploma programs, certificate programs, and apprenticeship programs. Examples of skilled trades students of this school may undertake include auto body technician, boilermaker, carpenter, gasfitter, ironworker, painter, plumber, roofer, and welder.

In British Columbia:

British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology offers a long list of trades and apprenticeship programs. The 96 programs encompass trades in four categories: construction, electrical, mechanical, and transportation. Construction programs include boilermaker, carpenter, construction craft worker, gasfitter, plumber, and welder. Electrical programs include industrial electrician, telecommunications technician, and wireless communications technician. Mechanical programs include machinist, millwright, and refrigeration mechanic. Transportation programs include aircraft gas turbine technician, automotive service technician, and railway conductor.

University of the Fraser Valley

The University of the Fraser Valley offers a shorter list of programs than the British Columbia Institute of Technology, but it includes offerings like agriculture and horticulture, architectural drafting, culinary arts, and hospitality event planning. Both schools offer programs in automotive service, plumbing, and welding.

In Manitoba:

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology offers 9 skilled trade programs: auto mechanics, carpentry, industrial welding, motorsport technician, graphic and print technician, electrical applications, industrial electronics, millwright, and computer-aided design technician.

Red River College

Red River College offers programs in four categories of skilled trades: industrial, transportation, construction, and service. Industrial skilled trades programs available include boilermaker, machinist, and tool and die maker. Transportation skilled trades programs available diesel engine mechanic, motor vehicle mechanic, and railway car technician. Construction skilled trades programs available include bricklayer, carpenter, plumber, roofer, and steamfitter. Service skilled trades programs available include cook and landscape technician.

In Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s technical training programs allow you to complete the theory portion of 20 skilled trades in four cities: Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert. Programs available include agricultural machinery technician, cook, ironworker, plumber, refrigeration mechanic, and steel fabricator.

Regina Trades & Skills Centre

The Regina Trades & Skills Centre offers a limited number of adult courses. Currently, only three are available: plumbing, culinary arts, and parts technician. More courses may be added in the future. The website advises potential students to check back regularly for new information.

If you don’t see your skilled trade of interest listed in the school descriptions above, head over to the school’s website for the entire list of programs ( or check our school database in the Education tab of JPD). You might see your program there. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series of articles on schools in Western Canada offering skilled trades programs!











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