Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

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It is that time of year again… The leaves have turned, your school supplies are bought and your new outfits are being worn. It is hard to believe that school is starting again, but you got this. Whether this is your last year of high school, or you are just moving up a grade, you can face any challenge. Getting motivated for school can be tough after an awesome summer, but think of all the opportunities you might encounter this year- a new sports team, scholarships, clubs, new friends, university and college applications. Whatever you take on this year, know that you can do it, even if you’re afraid- JPD has your back!

JPD is back in full swing for this September 2016 issue. Some of our articles this month include topics like how to get motivated again; Western Canadian trade programs; the pros and cons of apprenticeships; how to ace a video job interview; the most in demand trades in Canada; common money mistakes students make; Saskatchewan scholarship spotlight and a report on students with disabilities in the workforce.

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Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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