STEM Career Profile: Environmental...

STEM Career Profile: Environmental Engineer

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Do you like researching, testing and then finding solutions to things? Do you care about lakes, forests, air pollution and just the environment in general? These things could make you a great career and, truthfully, a lot of money! A STEM career (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in the field of environmental engineering is extremely rewarding and perfect for the person who wants to continuously be challenged in meaningful ways.

As an environmental engineer you may deal with issues surrounding public health, recycling, waste disposal as well as issues related to water and air pollution control. This is a career for the science lover and the problem solver. Not only will you need to create solutions to environmental problems, but also work with existing solutions to make them even better. This means that you have your entire career to get better. Not only does your job make the world look better, but it keeps people healthier. As an environmental engineer you will analyze specific data, design municipal water supplies, prevent environmental catastrophes by designing regulations, perform quality checks, and correct and control malfunctioning equipment and research.

Most environmental engineers work in architectural management or scientific and technical consulting firms; but there are also places for environmental engineers in state government or federal and local government offices. So what kind of education do you need? As a minimal, you will need a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in either environmental engineering, civil or chemical engineering. It does not hurt to get a Master’s degree for maximum salary potential, but not always necessary. The most important thing is to get yourself in to internships or cooperative engineering programs. Rack up that credit and experience- for once you do, the possibilities are endless and your wages will climb. A typical salary for an environmental engineer is between $57,000 and $95,00. This career promises to be satisfying on a personal, political and environmental level- go for it!

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