STEM Career Profile : Film and Video...

STEM Career Profile : Film and Video Editor

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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The position of film and video editor–which is usually a freelance position–is the technical side of a creative field. This career requires you to be precise and systematic; you would be responsible for putting together raw recorded materials into a completed product for broadcast or purchase. Usually the material you will use is a compilation of dialogue, camera footage, sound effects, special effects and graphics. Typically, freelance editors work on short-term contracts specifically for post-production studios, corporate employers and television companies.

Canada has a fast growing film and television industry, specifically in Toronto and Vancouver. There is so much production, so many jobs, and so much opportunity for creative satisfaction and financial gain. The typical varieties of productions that employ film and video editors are television programs, feature films, music videos, corporate training videos and commercials. This–like any creative employment field–is highly competitive; the trick to success is lots and LOTS of work. Get yourself into internships and build up your portfolio like it is the most important thing in your possession. Many editors need to also provide voice-over and commentary writing, suggest and select music, experiment with style techniques and different graphic elements, and being 100% concerned with the quality of editing and audio and video engineering. Degrees are not entirely necessary, but showing commitment and determination is incredibly important. Work experience and a website profile are a must-have. Use LinkedIn every day and make your portfolio available to the cyber world.

Film and video editors get to read scripts and meet with directors in order to understand the vision intended for the film. Furthermore they must always have a sense of how the shooting is going by visiting sets, and they look for the best combination of performance, photography, continuity and timing. According to Payscale, the median average salary of a video editor is around $40,000 a year, and a high salary would be around $77,000. Of course, depending on what company you work for and how large the project is, these salaries can be lower or even higher. ┬áThis is not a job for those who want to be lax. But all the work leads to all the money…so start working on those editing skills!

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