STEM Careers Profile: Industrial...

STEM Careers Profile: Industrial Psychologist

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Humans are fascinating creatures that spend most of their time in the workplace trying to make a living. Are you curious about why and how people act the way they do? Maybe psychology is the right field for you. There are many different types of psychology, but industrial psychology is one of the most continuously profitable fields. Industrial and organizational psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, specifically in the workplace. So, let us learn a bit a more about this exciting STEM career (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

These types of psychologists use research and evaluation methods to apply the best work methods in a company in order to make things run smoothly. Each company and organization has its issues, and often these issues involve communication, conflict resolution, processes, professional competence and effective management. The job of an industrial psychologist is to increase the productivity of employees, develop screening procedures for new applicants, and getting to the roots of workplace problems. Really, anything that has to do with performance in the workplace is the concern of an industrial psychologist. But the great thing about psychology jobs is that you do not have to stay in one place; they can work in colleges and universities and function as trainers, coaches and consultants. Industrial psychologists often work in an organization’s human resources department. But sometimes they can act as an independent consultant and get called into an organization in order to solve a specific problem. This job requires a minimum of a Master’s degree, but typically a Doctorate is preferred by hiring companies.

While the most important thing when choosing a career is to choose something that both makes you happy and keeps you challenged and interested, psychology jobs also have a strong financial draw. According to PayScale Canada as of 2011, the average salary of a psychologist is $44, 510, and the highest salary may reach $148, 188 per year. Workplace psychology jobs also offer a fair amount security and comfort. If you like people and solving problems, this may be the field for you.

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