Changing Responsibilities: The Leap...

Changing Responsibilities: The Leap From Elementary School To High School

by Jack Blare
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The transition between elementary or middle school to high school is a big one. As you grow older and move into high school-level classes, your responsibilities will change as well. Don’t be nervous, though! High school is not as scary as it seems and you might find that you meet a lot of new friends and try a whole bunch of new things. Its one of the most exciting times of your life!

So what are some of these new responsibilities? For one, most schools don’t tolerate lateness and some teachers even lock their doors to late students, so it’s very important to get to your classes on time. It might be difficult to find your way around in the first few weeks of high school, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Be sure to bring a copy of your timetable with you so you know where and when your classes start.

Secondly, you will be expected to be much more independent than in the earlier grades. Teachers don’t hound students for homework or assignments and often penalize late essays. That’s why you need to keep track of when everything is due. The best way is to get a separate binder for each class (one in every colour) so you don’t get papers mixed up. An agenda, notebook or calendar is also vital in high school. You’ll want to be able to keep track of when tests are, when assignments are due and when the holidays start.

You will have a locker where you can store your books, binders, sports equipment and any other assortment of pens, paper and articles of clothing. You are responsible for keeping your locker clean – or at least presentable.

Meet some new people! While not necessarily a responsibility, you’ll find that if you reach out to other students you might end up making friends you’ll have for years to come. Remember, this is a new experience for everybody in your classes.

Work hard! Now that you’re in high school you can’t slack on grades. These marks can affect which classes you take in the following years, and may even limit your options for college or university programs. If you pay attention to your teachers, show up on time, do your homework and hand in your assignments, then you’ll do fine in your classes. Just make sure to keep organized and on top of tests and assignments.

Going from elementary into high school is a big leap, and with it comes new responsibilities and new freedoms.  If you work hard, show up on time and meet a few new friends, you might even find that you want to go to school in the morning. It’s a big adjustment to make, but soon you’ll be just as comfortable in your new school as you were in your old one.

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