Relying on Others for Money

Relying on Others for Money

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Saving for school is one of the hardest things to do- even if you have worked a part-time job and achieved scholarships; it is still hard to meet financial goals for post-secondary. You may find yourself doing something you really do not want to do; asking other people for money:

If you ask family members …

Some people who are in need often think of family members first when it comes to borrowing money. This is advisable if you have a close relationship with your family members as they will most likely not even ask you to pay the money back. However, for solidarity, even if you are close to your family members and they do agree to lend you a hand, try to make an effort to pay them back over time. If they refuse the notion of you paying them back, do something special for them like taking them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant or a concert of their choice.

This situation is tricky if you are not exactly close to your family members. You might be reluctant to go to them in their first place. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them at all, find other sources. Otherwise, you will end up feeling uneasy until you have managed to pay them back.

If you ask friends …

This is similar to asking your family members for financial help. If you have a familiar relationship with your friends, it should not be a trouble for them if they are in a stable financial situation and is willing to help out a friend in need. As with close family members, some of them may not even ask you to pay it back at all. If that is the case, don’t abuse the privilege and continue to be responsible for what was lent to you and find a way to return the favour.

In some cases, some people actually find it easier to ask for financial help from not-so-close friends than close friends as there is a saying, “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”  The choice is yours, but be careful not to jeopardize any friendships due to money.

Looking into organizations/foundations…

All organizations and foundations that award scholarships and bursaries work on a budget, and there are times when the funds provided are not the amount promised- or funds fall through. This is at no fault of the organization or foundation at all. As such, it is still best if you keep working on your own to earn the money for school and the funds from these organizations and foundations are simply a complimentary aid—not the main source.

Being self-sufficient is of course every student’s goal as they work to better themselves and prepare themselves for full-fledged independence. However, there are times when you may still have to rely on other people for your education. When this happens, don’t fall into self-pity. Instead, be thankful you have people in your life you can ask for help and always be responsible for what you are given.






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