Skilled Trades Schools in Ontario

Skilled Trades Schools in Ontario

by Jingwei Chen
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This article will highlight three Ontario schools that provide training in the skilled trades. Remember that in-school theoretical training is a mandatory part of your apprenticeship, and these schools are excellent options. They are well-known, established post-secondary education options for anyone interested in a career in the skilled trades.


George Brown

The School of Apprenticeship & Skilled Trades at George Brown offers apprenticeship programs in trades such as construction and maintenance electrician, general carpenter, industrial mechanic, plumber, residential air conditioning systems mechanic, and steamfitter. In addition, if you are not yet ready to start an apprenticeship, you may look into programs that teach you foundational techniques. Examples include construction trades techniques, electrical techniques, and plumbing techniques.

Humber College

The School of Applied Technology at Humber College—like George Brown—offers the necessary classroom component for the following trades: arborist, cabinetmaker, electrician, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technician, industrial woodworking technician, plumber, and welder. These programs expose students to in-school training and practical job experience. Humber also offers Skilled Trades Certificates: these 11 continuing education programs equip you with the skills you need to become a home inspector, project manager, or gas technician among others. Note that these programs are stand-alone—when you graduate, you can start working.

Sheridan College

Sheridan College’s Apprenticeship Training Programs are offered for the following skilled trades: construction and maintenance electrician, industrial electrician, construction millwright, tool and die maker, and general machinist. Note that a student must be sponsored by the tradesperson they will be working with during their apprenticeship in order to take these programs.

These three schools are all excellent options for anyone considering a career in the skilled trades who live in or will live in Ontario. To decide between the three, consider location, tuition, and faculty—as well as program availability.







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