Trades in Western Canada and How to Get...

Trades in Western Canada and How to Get Started: Alberta and British Columbia

by Erin Kelly
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Do you live in Alberta or British Columbia and dream of a career in the Trades? Maybe you don’t know much about careers in the trades but want to learn more? Figuring out your career path all starts with interest and curiosity; this leads to trying new things and learning more about different types of careers. Working in the trades can mean anything from being a professional baker to a welder in the oil sands.  One thing all trades have in common is their never-ending learning curve.  In a trade career, the learning never stops- there are always new challenges.

So, you’ve decided you want to learn more about the different types of careers in the trades industry; what now? Your guidance counselor can give you some direction if you have an idea of what particular trade you want to explore, but you should check out these great Alberta and BC online resources, first:


Trade Secrets- Apprenticeship and Industry Training


This is a great website to look through if you want to explore all the types of trades offered in Alberta. It lists the registered trades in alphabetical order so you can find them easily. The registered trades that are listed are recognized all across Canada. This site gives you general information about how to seek financial assistance for programs, apprenticeships, and how to become an experienced and successful trade worker.

British Columbia:

ITA- Industry Training Authority- BC


This is a great website. It allows you to explore different trades and the apprenticeship programs offered in BC. You can search all the trades listed, or search through categories like: Fixer, Outdoorist, Artisan, Builder, Operator and Analyzer. By separating the trades into categories, you can decide whether you are more attracted to being a builder (very physical) or if you want to work outside in nature (agriculture), for example. The site has tips on how to get started and how you can gain an apprenticeship and have an employer sponsor you.

Great thought and preparation goes into choosing a career path. Always make sure you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about your career. Ask your guidance counselor for advice along with exploring these great resources!




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