B.C. Scholarships for University...

B.C. Scholarships for University Students

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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British Columbia 4-H Scholarships

Valued at $1,000 and available to fourteen lucky but well-deserving students, this scholarship really is applicable to many B.C.-born ones. With vast countryside and agriculturally minded neighbourhoods, 4-H is a huge part of many people’s lives. Why not use 4-H connections to their fullest extent? This is extremely easy to apply for and is only for those going into post-secondary education.


University of Victoria Entrance Scholarships, Thompson Rivers University Scholarships

There are ten of these available and they are all valued at $1,000. Every student that applies for university should immediately apply for the proper entry scholarships right after. These particular scholarships are applicable to Canadians coming from Canadian secondary schools. If Canadian citizens finishing secondary school outside of the country want to apply for these entrance scholarships they must apply as Out of Province applicants.


B.C. Access Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities

Aiming to help full-time students with permanent disabilities, this grant replaces around $1,000 in B.C. loan funding. You are probably eligible if you already qualify for a federal student loan, are enrolled full-time and have a Canada Student Loan program certified permanent disability.


B.C. Completion Grant

This grant is geared towards full-time students who have successfully completed each year of their university studies; it means having a portion of their B.C./Canada integrated student loan debt reduced by the B.C. government. Based on your assessed need and the amount of your B.C. student loan, StudentAid BC will automatically consider you for this one. Applicants must have no dependants and be in their first four academic years of loans.


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