Career Profile: TV Repair Technician

Career Profile: TV Repair Technician

by Susan Huebert
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Watching television can be fun and relaxing, at least until something goes wrong with the TV. Sometimes, the problems are easy to fix, such as when a cord is unplugged or a switch is turned off. At other times, people need to call an expert in television repair. Learning to repair televisions is a valuable skill which can lead to a good career.

Televisions are complicated machines with many different parts that could be broken or worn out. However, they are also a lot like other machines, such as dishwashers and lawnmowers. Some people who get into this field never take formal courses, but it is usually a good idea to study appliance repair through a trade school or community college. These schools usually offer courses in television repair, including topics like circuit analysis.

If you get into television repair, you will need to know about batteries, electricity, and other related subjects so that you understand how all of the different parts work together. You should also know how to keep yourself safe from electric shocks and any dangerous materials that you might need to touch. A good program in appliance repair should teach you these things, but you can also learn some of them on the job.

Getting practical experience is part of many appliance repair programs. The whole process can take only a few weeks, but some programs are a year long. At the end, students receive certification as repair technicians. An official certificate is not always necessary, but it is a good idea to get one, just in case an employer requires it. If you are unsure about television repair as a career, you can also try working at a repair shop for a short time to see if you enjoy it.

Working conditions can vary widely in this field. Some television repair work happens in shops where people bring their broken machines to be fixed, but many technicians go to people’s homes to do repairs. They need to know how to deal with customers and be polite and patient. Technicians could be busy all day, especially working for a large company, or have only a few hours of work each day. They can earn between $15 and $40 per hour, depending on their skill and experience.

Going out to people’s homes means that television repair technicians should be prepared to do a lot of driving and to carry around a lot of equipment. They should have some of the basic replacement parts that they might need either with them or very close by so that they can repair the televisions as soon as possible instead of driving back and forth. Technicians should be well prepared for most situations, and they also need a certain amount of strength to move televisions or carry equipment.

If this sounds like the job for you, why not start planning for your future as a television repair technician?

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