Chill in November

Chill in November

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Welcome back!

Now that Fall is drawing to a close, we are starting to feel the slight chill of winter. When changing seasons, our moods tend to change with them. It isn’t just about adding some warmer clothes to your wardrobe; you need to keep your spirits warm, too.

November JPD has some great articles that will make you think about where you are in your studies and personal life and where you want to go next; moving away from home and into a dorm ( Campus Life), getting rid of toxic relationships ( Campus Life), Elementary to High School ( Elementary), how to get out of the High School “bubble”, and how to make an impression at career fairs ( Trades), just to name a few.

Stay warm this month and be prepared for the cool new chill of November…


Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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