Podcasts on Campus Life

Podcasts on Campus Life

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Podcasts are a truly glorious thing. Truly. The amount of knowledge readily available to any person with various particular interests, hobbies, goals and concerns are at times even overwhelming. For those delving into the bottomless world of podcasts there are the incomparable ones like You Must Remember This, This American Life and Death, Sex and Money. Many of these offer snippets of university life information, but they by no means offer a lot. Here are a few podcasts that are perfect for the post-secondary immersed student:

Campus with Albert Leung – CBC

CBC’s first original podcast series, Campus provides first-person tales on college and university students. Only a year old, this podcast is a study on the concept of change and time in relation to the young post-secondary demographic. What are the moments that make you who you are? Campus gives you a glimpse into them, and is driven by first-person stories about pressures around university. Pressures to succeed, the threat of failures and all things surrounding growing up build this podcast.

Cited – UBC

The only podcast with a bibliography, the University of British Columbia-spawned venture focuses on the fusion of news with original storytelling and strong academic research. Released weekly, Cited is the first of its kind and will inspire research oriented thinking and questioning. Unlike other Canadian university podcasts, Cited is not specifically geared to student of its mother university. It speaks to the learner and student in general. Get your news from a unique source for once: your peers.

The Life Game – CBC

Not strictly campus life, but definitely often centred on it, The Life Game tell people’s stories as told by improv actors in interviews. These are stories about love, expectations, bad and good choices, and the realities of goals. With stories that feature life lessons experienced by Canadians, CBC provides listeners with a specifically northern and at the same time universally true themed series of comedic tales. Students will be comforted to hear stories familiar to their own trials and tribulations.

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