Why You Should Love the Way You Look

Why You Should Love the Way You Look

by Mariann Roberts
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Have you ever looked at a person in a movie or a magazine and thought, “I wish I looked like that,” or wanted to change something about yourself because you just don’t like the way it looks? Well, if you answered yes to either or those questions, you are not alone! It seems like everywhere we turn someone is telling us we need to “fix this”, or “change this”. Amongst all the crazy obsession over how people say we should look, it seems as though people are forgetting one very important thing…we are all unique, and we are all beautiful! Let’s think of the world like an art gallery. Inside the art gallery, there are all kinds of beautiful masterpieces, each one different from the other. Some are very tall and skinny, some are tiny and wide. Some have lots of bright colours, and some are in black and white. Each one is different from the next, and each one is spectacular! Now what if all of the paintings inside the art gallery looked exactly the same? What a boring place that would be! The unique beauty that comes from each painting is what makes the art gallery so special! Well, if the world is an art gallery that makes you a unique masterpiece! There is not a single person in this world that looks exactly like you. You were made special, unique, and most importantly of all you were made the most perfect version of yourself! So, let’s celebrate that! You should love the way you look for the simple reason that there is only one you and you are perfect just the way you are.

Now, sometimes that can be a lot easier said than done, especially when you are going through your teen years. With your body already changing so much during this time, it can be hard not to fall into the trap of believing the way you look isn’t good enough. Magazines, social media, and Hollywood movies can sometimes make you feel like if you don’t look exactly like the people we see in media, then you must not be beautiful or handsome. But this is simply not true! Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. All of those different details about yourself are the brush strokes to a masterpiece, they are what make you, you!

So, what can you do if you ever start to forget why you should love the way you look? Here are a few simple tricks to remind you in case you ever forget:

  • Remember the world is an art gallery, and you are a one of a kind masterpiece! You are supposed to look like you, not like anyone else!
  • Think of all of the different characteristics of your appearance, and know that each of those makes you special.
  • Smile! The only thing that makes you even more perfect is when your beautiful grin goes from ear to ear!

4) Let other people know they should love the way they look, too! Although it might feel like it at times, you are not the only person who might forget to love the way you look. Telling someone else they are perfect just the way they are might completely make their day!

While there may be plenty of influences throughout your life that might try to make you feel like you need to change your appearance, remember we are all made to be different. You are one of a kind, and you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.

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