Trade Scholarships for Indigenous...

Trade Scholarships for Indigenous Students in Canada

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Indspire Scholarships

Oil and Gas Aboriginal Trades & Technology

Extra incentive for one to achieve their dreams in trades as a First Nations, Inuit or Metis student, Two deadlines annually on April 30th and November 30th. These awards are for both status and non-status aboriginal individuals pursuing education, professional development and technical training within the Albertan oil & gas industry. This scholarship is only available to those studying in Alberta at an accredited training institute, college or university with plans to work within the industry upon graduation.


Apprenticeships, Skilled Trades, and Technology Programs

Indspire offers chances at funding for those seriously immersed in trades. Deadlines and twice a year in February and November and will depend on grades, references, and cultural background.


Petro Canada Education Awards for Native Students

Open to any Canadian native or Inuit students either entering or enrolled in post-secondary programs somehow involved in the industrial setting of the gas and oil industry, this scholarship has five education awards of to $5,000. If you are interested, these awards will be distributed based on academic performance, financial need and the specifics of your studies as related to future aspirations within the industry.


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