Why Is It Important For Me to Become...

Why Is It Important For Me to Become More Independent in Post-Secondary?

by Mariann Roberts
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Up until now, it may have been easy to rely on teachers, parents/guardians and friends to help guide and keep you on track both academically and financially. However, upon reaching post-secondary it’s important to begin to think and act in a more independent way, and take the right steps to ensure academic, financial and overall lifelong success. Of course, reaching out for help from others now and again is a perfectly acceptable part of life. However, with post-secondary comes the growth into adult hood, and the many independent responsibilities that come along with it.

Do you find yourself relying on teachers to remind you about important test dates, or assignments you forget to hand in? Maybe you need your parents to constantly tell you when you need to study. If this sounds like you, you may want to reconsider your academic independence. As you are reaching adult hood upon entering post-secondary, professors will have the expectation you have already developed the independent skills of remembering assignment due dates and exam schedules. Often times professors will deduct marks for late or missing assignments, making it critical for you to have enough independence to complete assignments on time, without relying on professors for reminders. This independent skill is not only critical for post-secondary success, it prepares you for the importance of understanding deadlines as you enter the professional working world. Relying on co-workers or your boss for reminders of the work you are responsible for will simply not be an option as you enter into the workforce, so it’s important to leave these bad habits in high school and begin to develop a new sense of independence as you enter your first post-secondary term.

Effective study habits are a critical part of academic success in post-secondary, and learning how to manage a full course load independently will allow you to feel prepared exams, without the stress caused by cramming the night before. Gaining independence with your own study schedule will teach you time management skills, the importance of planning and scheduling, and how to create guides to your own success, all of which are applicable to both academic and professional success.

Beginning to learn and understand financial independence is also an important tool that should be further developed in post-secondary. Whether you are paying for post-secondary independently or through the help of student loans, understanding how to properly manage your money and pay off any outstanding debt is an essential aspect to financial success. Post-secondary (or shortly after) tends to be the time when many individuals begin to move out on their own for the first time, either to residency on campus, or to a new place all on your own. Moving out is a huge step, and it has many independent responsibilities that come along with it. Understanding how to responsibly save money for bills, rent, food, as well as any outstanding debt is essential for sustainable living. Branching away from the financial comfort and reliability of your parents and beginning to develop your own financial independence upon entering post-secondary will help develop a better understanding of money-management, and how to implement these skills once you are living away from home.

It’s important to begin to become more independent as you enter to enter post-secondary, as the skills you will develop through independent thinking will not only help you succeed academically, but will better prepare you for both your professional and everyday life.

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