Why Joining a Sport’s Team Is Healthy...

Why Joining a Sport’s Team Is Healthy for You in Every Way!

by Mariann Roberts
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I’m sure you’ve heard that exercise is a very important part of staying healthy, but what if I told you there was a way for you to keep your brain and body healthy all while having fun?  Well, there is! Playing on a sport’s team is an excellent way to stay healthy in more ways than you may have even thought possible! Let’s talk about some of those reasons, and how they benefit you.

You stay in good physical shape.

Did you know you should be getting at least one hour of physical activity every day? Unfortunately, many people don’t receive their daily physical activity, and their health suffers as a result. A lack in physical activity can lead to serious medical problems such as obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure and even conditions such as type-2 diabetes. Regular daily exercise will not only help prevent these health problems, it will also give you more energy, more confidence and an overall healthier body!

Between practices and games, being on a sport’s team allows the opportunity for you to get in your recommended amount of physical activity, and keep your body healthy and in shape. But you’ll be having so much fun, it won’t even feel like exercise!

It keeps your brain healthy and strong.

Did you know exercise is healthy for your brain, too? Stress, anger and sadness are all issues that take up a lot of your brains energy, leaving it without enough energy to help you think as clearly or as quickly as you normally would. Regular exercise helps your brain release these bottled up emotions, allowing you to have more room for memory and sharper thinking. Best of all, when your brain gets rid of these emotions through exercise, you do, too! Regular exercise helps you relieve stress, and is often a great way to overcome feelings of anger or sadness.

It builds social skills.

We all love to make new friends, but sometimes it can be challenging if we don’t know what to say, or who to approach. When you join a sport’s team, you become just that; a team! You’re all there to help each other succeed together, and you know you’ve already got one thing in common, your sport! Sport’s teams allow you will build special bonds with your teammates that can turn into lifelong friendships. How does this keep you healthy? Without friendship and positive human interaction, you may begin to feel isolated or lonely. No one enjoys these feelings in the first place, and they can even lead to further serious problems such as low self-esteem, increased stress levels and even depression. Joining a sport’s team will help you develop new friendships, and keep your mental state healthy and strong.

It teaches you important life lessons and skills.

Through sport’s teams, you are able to learn and develop many skills that will become very important as you go through school, the workforce and even just regular every day life. Sport’s teams help us learn about proper teamwork, good sportsmanship, problem solving skills and accountability. Developing these life-long skills will help you interact better with others, and effectively handle stressful situations you may face in the future. Sport’s teams even help you develop a stronger sense of character, belonging, and leadership qualities that will stick with you for the rest of your life!

You’ll sleep better!

Have you ever noticed you can’t think as well, or as quickly when you’re really tired? That’s because your brain needs sleep in order to do its job properly! Sometimes it can be challenging to fall asleep or stay asleep, and a lack in physical activity can often be the culprit. Receiving your recommended amount of daily physical activity through sports may be just what you need to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, leaving you feeling well rested and ready to go the next morning!

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