How to Save Money for School

How to Save Money for School

by Leah Butler
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You’ve most likely heard the costs for university and college. All the residence, tuition, extra fees; it’s crazy! Getting ready for college or university can be very stressful and frustrating; especially when it comes to money. Trying to save money for school may be difficult when you feel as if you’re not saving enough. Although there are numerous ways to pay for your education such as government funding, scholarships, bursaries, awards and maybe help from your parents, you should also start to save some of your own money for school. Here are some simple, mostly stress-free ways to save money for school:

Get a part time job

Although the most obvious and easiest way to save money, it is the best way to save. If you don’t have a part time job, start applying for one that interests you. Whether in retail, food, etc. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. If you already have a job; great! If you have the time, ask for more hours. With every paycheck, putting much of your pay into a savings account and keep the rest for yourself.

Spend less money

I don’t know about you but I tend to spend quite a bit of money whether it’s going out to a restaurant, the movies, buying some new book or clothes. By spending a lot of money, it doesn’t allow you to save a lot. You can save money by spending less. Try eating in more and cooking meals, watching movies at home, renting books from the library or go thrift shopping. (At least it’s cheaper) I’m not saying don’t go out at all, but by finding alternative ways to save money can be equally fun!

Put spare money in a jar

This one is pretty self explanatory: whenever you have spare money in your wallet, car, between the couch cushions, put it in a jar. As well, there are multiple techniques such as putting $5 in a jar per day, couple times a week, etc. Pinterest has many ways of methods of saving by putting money in a jar.

Do free stuff

Another way to save money is to try doing more free things (or things that don’t cost as much). There are a variety of free things you can do in your city such as public skating, yoga and other fitness classes (although it may not be free, they tend to be less expensive than a gym membership), hiking, biking, going to the beach, etc. I’m sure you will be able to find some fun, free things to do that can help you save your money.

Create a budget

When it comes to spending money on yourself or others, it can be difficult to try to spend as little as possible. Christmas is the worst time to spend a lot of money, as there are so many deals. A way to make it through holidays, birthdays or any other celebration that requires spending money is to create a budget. Try sitting down and figuring out how much you’re willing to spend without going overboard and still having money to put away into savings.

Sell clothes

Although there are many organizations that you can donate clothes to such as value village or salvation army, try selling your clothes first. Depop is an app that allows users to buy and sell clothes. There are many other apps and websites like poshmark, copious, and many more! If nobody buys your clothes, you can always donate them.

Do more D.I.Y’s

Buying items for your house, room or just things in general can be costly. If you’re able to, try to be crafty by making more of these items. Pinterest is a great website to use to find easy D.I.Y’s (Do it yourself).


Hopefully it doesn’t seem too hard to save money now with some new methods and techniques to save. Luckily, there are ways you can save to maximize the amount you put away for school!  Happy saving!



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