Spotlight: ACCESS ‘Your One Stop...

Spotlight: ACCESS ‘Your One Stop Shop’ for Aboriginal Apprenticeship

by Erin Kelly
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Via http://accesstrades.accessfutures.com/


“ACCESS Trades is committed to providing apprentices with the resources and support necessary to successfully complete the full term of their apprenticeship.  Our only goal is to help Aboriginal men and women attain Red Seal or Provincial certification in a trade.”


Join the hundreds of ACCESS Trades apprentices who have found rewarding careers in the trades.

Check out this link for instructions and process of obtaining your apprenticeship:


Training Schedules ( Updates Regularly) :


 Types Programs:

Electrical Foundation
Piping Foundation
Metal Fabrication
Welding Level B
Sheet Metal Foundation
Machinist Foundation


ACCESS Trades Office
#109 – 100 Park Royal
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
TEL:  604 922-4077
FAX: 604 922-4088

Helen Boyce
Director of Access Trades

Rob Egan
Training & Apprenticeship Counsellor

Larry Webster
Training & Apprenticeship Counsellor

Pauline Hanuse
Administrative Assistant

Donna Anderson
Job Coach

For more information on Aboriginal Employment and Programs, visit the main website at http://www.accessfutures.com/ .

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