Why We Need Laughter During Stressful...

Why We Need Laughter During Stressful Times

by Marianne Stephens
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At some point in your life, your stress level will be extremely high. There are some easy, quick, and readily available ways to bring yourself back a more calm state of mind. If you’re still having issues after trying the options I’ve mentioned previously on this site (hobbies, games with friends), please consider talking to a therapist or a mental health hotline. Bell Let’s Talk campaign (January 25th) is very timely: http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/get-help/ . You are not alone. There are people and organizations willing and able to help you.

For now, I’m speaking in general terms: laugh during stressful times. It’s not only the best way to change the mood when you feel several things coming at you at once, whether they’re related to dating, school, family, or work.  Switch to something that you consider upbeat. It could be a funny movie, laughing at something that just came to you, a humorous fiction novel, cat videos on YouTube, or even TV or online shows specifically centered on a comedy of errors.

Laughter is good for you for several health-related reasons. It’s the reason why advisors keep recommending leaving a job (if possible) if it’s causing you stress that has physical implications, such as feeling run down and staying in bed for long periods. By taking the time to look after your mental health, you can also look at your physical well-being, by easing the impact of stress on your heart and immune system.  This can also help you become healthier as compared to those people dealing with major stress. This is another reason why health professionals encourage more fun activities for you to enjoy.

There’s also another source of laughter: your friends. If you surround yourself with positive energy and upbeat personalities, it can lift your mood considerably as compared to others who are generally more negative. It’s not a bad thing: everybody sees the world differently, but since you’re looking to help yourself in stressful times, keeping this interaction towards ‘negative’ friends can be helpful to keep to a minimum, until another time.

Above all remember that stress and depression are serious issues that can impact your mental health. If none of these simple strategies help you; there is no shame in looking elsewhere for support. The Bell “Let’s Talk” page (see the link above) provides contact info for several organizations (websites and phone numbers) where you can seek further assistance. You are not the only person to feel this way, and you are helping yourself by seeking the help you need.

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