Working on a Farm

Working on a Farm

by Gavin Mercier
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By Gavin Mercier

Farm work is hard work- there’s no other way to say it. However, it is also some of the most valuable and rewarding work you can do. Farmers hold one of the most important jobs of our community, but they are also the most underappreciated. Working on a farm not only gives you a sense of what it’s like to be a farmer, but it also teaches you some real- life skills that will be valuable for your future.

Hard Work, Fun Work, and Responsibility

Yes, working on a farm is hard. But farming is the best example of the phrase “hard work pays off.” With farming, the harder you work the better the end result will be – in this case the end result is crop or cattle. Not only that, all the outdoor work is really great for great for your body. Working on a farm, you get to watch your work develop into something wonderful, whether it’s a crop of corn or a baby calf.

While farming is hard work, it can also be a lot of fun. There is so much to do on farms you just can’t get bored. From feeding cows on a cattle farm to tending horses on a ranch, there are just so many fun things you can do on a farm – as long as you’re a little bit adventurous.

Being on a farm isn’t all fun and games though. There is a lot of responsibility involved. Farmers are responsible for taking care of their animals and crops, and that can sometimes be a lot to handle. However, if you like being around animals and taking care of them, then this isn’t much of a chore at all.

Appreciating Farmers

Being a farmer is an underrated job – not many people choose to become a farmer anymore. There are also a lot of false facts about farming nowadays that put people off. Working on a farm, you get to see firsthand just how much they really do for us and what it’s really like. You will get a better appreciation for your food and how much work people really put into it. Seeing how your food is produced and being a part of that process gives a better understanding of the world we live in and how it all works for us.

Appreciating Our Earth

Not only will working on a farm help you appreciate all that farmers do for us, but it will also teach how to appreciate our planet more. Almost everything about farming is controlled by the weather and the landscape – crops are planted in the best soil around and watered by the rain. If there is no good soil, the crops can’t be planted, and if there is no rain then they cannot be watered. If we can’t take care of the earth, then it becomes harder for it to take care of us. Working on a farm is a great way to learn about the earth and how you can help take care of it.

Working on a farm is great for so many reasons. I actually used to work on a cattle farm, and I still think it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had so much fun working there and learned so much, from the value of hard work to how I can help our earth. Working on a farm was one of the best things I ever did, and I hope it will be the best thing you ever do, as well.

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