5 Reasons You Should Always Have a Job...

5 Reasons You Should Always Have a Job in High School

by Meghan Brown
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While it is sometimes true that school can be considered a student’s “job,” there are many reasons why students should work regularly both during the school year, and over summer break.

1.  Earning Your Own Money

The reasons you want to earn money in during high school can vary, from wanting spending money to wanting to help out with family and household expenses.  Having a part time job can provide students with enough money to let you save for college or your first car, help out your family, and have cash to go out with friends or treat yourself to the latest video game or clothing.  By having your own money, you will also learn how to budget yourself and effectively manage your finances.

2.  Learning and Demonstrating Responsibility

Starting to build your work history in high school gives you lots of time to learn how to operate in the adult world.  Being a good employee shows that you can handle responsibility for yourself, your work and your actions, which can help you achieve important future educational and career opportunities.  You will also learn how to balance work, school, and your personal life, which is an essential skill you will need in college, university or your future career.

3.  You Will Develop Your Skills and Work Experience

When it comes to getting hired to your dream job, you will need to have a lot of valuable skills and experience to bring to the table.  Working throughout your teen years will give you the chance to try lots of different jobs, which will help you decide what kind of work you want to do for a living, or what college program you want to take.  You will build a lot of great, unique experience this way, all of which will be valuable to your future.

4.  Part-Time Work Could Lead to a Full-Time Career

The adult working world can be a surprisingly small one, and a place that employs you part time when you’re a teen could become the place that hires you on permanently after you graduate college or university.  Companies often like to hire people they already know, because they are familiar with the person’s attitudes, work ethic, and performance.  If you can make a good impression as a part-timer, someday you might be able to take on a vital role within that company.

5.  Polish Your Networking and People Skills

Almost all jobs involve working with many other people from diverse backgrounds and different personalities.  The more you work with people, the better you will be at things like conflict resolution, decision making, teamwork and leadership.  In addition, you never know which person you meet could be the key to your dream job, so making connections in the professional world as early as possible can be very useful.





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