Careers in Helping Others

Careers in Helping Others

by Susan Huebert
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Everyone needs help at some point. You probably get help from your teachers or classmates when you have trouble understanding something in class. At home, your family members help you, and you do the same for them. Do you enjoy helping others? Someday, you could turn your enjoyment into a career.

Suppose that your friend falls and breaks a leg. You might not be able to help much now. However, if you decided to become a doctor, you might be able to do more in the future. Medical jobs are good ways to help others feel better and to be able to get back to their lives. For example, physiotherapists help injured people get movement back into injured arms, legs, and back, and paramedics help people in emergencies. Working in these fields can be very rewarding, and the pay is often very good, as well.

Other careers in helping people are not as high paid as medicine, but they can also be very good. Teachers help students to learn the skills and knowledge that they will need later in life. What if someone is struggling with depression or anxiety? Counsellors and psychologists help people in schools and other places to get through difficult times and to understand their lives better. Social workers help people who are dealing with family issues or other problems.

A special kind of counsellor often gives very useful advice. Career counsellors help people decide what kind of work they want to do and let them know what kind of education they need to get. These counsellors should be good at searching for information and be willing to work with all kinds of people to help them decide on their best job choices.

Do you already help the poor at places like soup kitchens or food banks? When you grow up, you could work at a charity that helps low-income people or that works with building good housing or planting gardens. For some people, working in animal welfare to keep pets or farm animals safe and healthy could be a good option. If you like to travel and learn new languages, you could even do many kinds of work in countries like India or China. Overseas terms often include work in agriculture, medicine, teaching, and all kinds of development jobs.

Some helping careers require a lot of education, but others need very little. Doctors study a long time to become qualified, and many overseas workers need Master’s degrees. In other cases, however, people might not need any education beyond high school. Salaries can vary widely, but often the jobs that require the most education are also the highest paid. However, some people prefer to work with organizations that pay very little but do important work.

Helping people can lead to a good career for people who enjoy working with others. It might be the right choice for you.


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