What Trade is for You?

What Trade is for You?

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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It’s no secret that there is some good money to be made in the trades. But there are so many different trades, so how does one choose? If you are completely at a loss for where you want to place your work focus, but know for sure that the trades world is the world for you, ask yourself these basic questions:

Do you prefer to work outdoors or indoors, regardless of the season or the weather?

Construction workers are often required to work in some pretty heavy winter and rainy conditions. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoor elements no matter what, this trades job might be for you. Other outdoors trades include rotary drill operator, pipefitter and steamfitter. Inside trades jobs include work like plumbing, electrician (although sometimes this might take you outside) and boilermaker. Welders can have work days that are either outdoors or indoors depending on the job and the geographical location.

Do you like stability and working at the same place every day?

Moving to a new job site every day can be exciting for those who like variety—for these people construction work and electrician work is ideal. But if you would rather stay put for the most part, apply for a base company as their handyman or on-site mechanic etc. Aircraft mechanics and avionics technician also tend to have a base work place.

Do you think heavy equipment and big machinery is cool?

Do you want to be at the helm of some pretty cool, and often high-tech large machinery? Than try the following trades: crane operator, industrial machinery mechanic, mobile heavy equipment mechanic, and construction equipment operator. These positions require a lot of training as they can be very dangerous, but with all the technological advancements it is an excitedly realm to be in.

Do you like building things or would you rather install equipment?

If you like building things than any job within the construction and carpentry sphere is ideal for you. Those who rather install equipment tend to lean more towards being diesel mechanics, auto body repairers and any jobs under the computer trades umbrella. Both areas are meticulous in their own way.

For general pay information on the above listed jobs, visit www.trade-schools.net/articles/trade-school-jobs.asp

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