Is Travelling While You Are Young All...

Is Travelling While You Are Young All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

by Mariann Roberts
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You’ve heard it all before; travel while you’re young! It seems as though people are constantly telling you now is the time to travel. Why is that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to travel when you’re older? Wouldn’t you have more money saved up, your schooling would be completed and you will have more experience under your belt, right? While these are good points, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better to wait until you’re older to travel. Let’s talk about why this is.


There is no doubt you have more of an opportunity to be more financially secure later in life than while you’re young. However, with more money tends to mean more responsibility. As we grow older and have more financial stability, many people begin to make large life-investments. These may include things such as a house, a new car, wedding expenses and supporting children. So, while you may have more money, you may very well have more debt to pay as well, taking away from your travel funds. While saving up to travel while you’re young may seem challenging, it is possible, and it’s important.

Tips on how to make it happen?

Take a little bit of money out of each paycheck and put it in a travel fund. Before you know it, your travel account will have grown before your eyes!  Another tip is to cut unnecessary costs. While eating out and splurging on shopping sprees may be fun while you’re young, it all adds up. Try cooking at home and only buying essential items. Put your extra money away into your travel account, and soon you’ll be able to just sit back, relax, and book your trip! Another reason? The exclusive deals! Some travel companies offer deals to younger travellers. So, save more and travel sooner rather than later! Check out these travel companies for more info.

Free and Easy Traveler: https://www.freeandeasytraveler.com

Contiki: https://www.contiki.com/ca/en

Life Before Work: https://lbwtravel.com

Your priorities may shift:

Remember those wedding and family costs we just talked about? Well it isn’t just the financial part that may keep you in your hometown. As we get older and our own family grows, our moral responsibilities grow, too. This means the time for living strictly for yourself is coming to an end, as it’s time to focus your time and attention on someone else; your children. While this is an incredible and unique part of life, it usually means backpacking across Europe for six months is a no-go. Your youth is essentially the only time available when you can live your life strictly for you. On top of that, your priorities may shift. Meaning, while learning about new cultures may have been important to you while you were young, it may be swept off your priority list as you get older. So, optimize this opportunity and explore the world! Besides, sharing stories about the places you’ve been is way more interesting than talking about the places you wish you visited.

It’s perfect life experience:

Learning about and interacting with other cultures is an incredible way to learn about the world around you, and how to understand and accept cultural differences. The life-experience you will take home with you will be worth more than you can possibly imagine, and will give you a completely new perspective. Travelling while you’re young allows you to learn incredible life-skills you may have never thought possible that will shape and develop the person you are for the rest of your life. After all, the best way to understand something different is to experience it for yourself.  So, do your future self a favour! Learn about different ways of life, experience new cultures, and allow this life experience to strengthen your future. So, what should you do now? Research, save up, and travel!

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