Career Profile: Mobile Crane Operator

Career Profile: Mobile Crane Operator

by Erin Kelly
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Mobile Crane Operator is a career within the trades that is not talked about much. If you like to use tools and equipment, this could be a career for you!


A mobile crane operator operates mobile cranes and moves large materials. They calculate the weight load and adjust the crane accordingly. A mobile crane operator will also clean the cranes and perform maintenance. Mobile cranes are often used at construction sites, shipyards, mines, and warehouses to name a few. Some cranes have specialized functions such as wrecking-balls and magnets. The conditions of this career includes working outside, mostly. Someone interested in this career should have good hand-eye coordination, good communication skills and math skills. As well, this career typically works 40 hours a week with overtime depending on the job.

Education and Training

To become a mobile crane operator, you must complete an apprenticeship ( or at least it is recommended). Through this, there are both in-class training and working under the supervision of a journeyperson. Wages begin at half of the journeyperson’s wage and increase from there until full wage is reached. In order to enter the apprenticeship program, it is required by most provinces and countries to complete grade ten education. There are also high schools that allow you to work towards an apprenticeship while in high school. This program length varies because it depends on the type of equipment being trained. It can take anywhere between one and three years. Certification is required in some provinces, but not all. Certification requires completion of apprenticeship. As a certified crane operator, you can work anywhere in Canada.


Salary depends on the contract, company, location, etc. As well as experience. Salary can vary anywhere between $34,000-$77,000.


Overall, a career as a mobile crane operator is a very interesting and great choice if you are interested in working at heights and working with your hands.





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