Every Cent Counts: Small Scholarships

Every Cent Counts: Small Scholarships

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Some scholarships are pretty small. There are ones as low as $50 and $100. But if you’ve ever been a poor student, you no doubt know that every last cent counts. One of those small scholarships adds up to a bill of course. Whether it’s a textbook or the utilities payment. If anything, university is a time where finding any stray nickel or dime in the house is a weekly if not daily chore.

Do your research

Your grades may be good, and your grades may be bad. But no matter what there is always a scholarship out there for you. A large percentage of awards in Canada do not require a high academic average; often times it’s simply a matter of the program you are registered in, the school you are attending and the province you’re doing your schooling in. So research EXTENSIVELY. Make a comprehensive list of all the scholarships available to you specifically (even the super small ones), and figure out what you need for applications.

Create application templates

It’s great to have a handful of prewritten application templates (letters of intent, resumes, cover letters, links to applicable work etc.) ready to go on your computer. That way you are ready to go for the most part and can simply add the extra information that is needed for specific scholarships. This minimizes your time when it comes to applying. Of course the big scholarships will take more scrutiny and preparation. But having material ready to go can make applying for those smaller scholarships quick and easy. And you’ll feel good and productive in turn.

The struggle is real

Being in school is stressful. You have assignments, exams, packed schedules…and life. Add money problems on top of that and university can be a recipe for mayhem. Being proactive about obtaining “free money” can not only help you out financially, but give you a real sense of control and pride. Being ready to apply for anything that crosses your path with give you a sense of productivity. So make a list of scholarships/grants today, lock yourself in your room for a day and plug away! Your wallet and sanity will thank you.

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