Taking Your G2 or G Road Test? Here are...

Taking Your G2 or G Road Test? Here are Some Tips to Help You Prepare

by Jingwei Chen
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Driving makes me nervous, so you can imagine that anxiety skyrocketing when I was behind the wheel with a stranger who was watching and judging my every move. Talk about nerve-wrecking! It’s normal to feel some nervousness before—and during—tests. The key to not let your nerves take over is to prepare as much as you can.

Identify and practice your weaknesses

Make a list of all the maneuvers and techniques you will be required to demonstrate during your road test. Now honestly review your abilities and mark down the ones that you are struggling with. It’s also a good idea to ask your driving instructor (or family member or friend who has been helping you) for their input as well. Once you have a clear idea of your weaker areas, focus on practicing them.

PS- Don’t ever text and drive!

Practice driving in the neighbourhood around your test centre

In Ontario, you are free to select any drive test centre and any available date or time for your road test. Road tests take place close to the test centre, so once your test is paid and confirmed, you know exactly where you need to practice. It is important to be familiar with the possible test area and routes because you don’t want a hidden stop sign or an odd intersection to trip you up during the road test.

Use the same car you practiced in

If you have been practicing in your instructor’s car, arrange to use it for your road test. If you have been practicing in your parents’ car, use that for your road test. The bottom line is, you should use a car you are familiar with for your road test. The last thing you want to happen in front of the test examiner is uncertainly about where the front windshield wipers are.

There is no shortcut to passing your road test. The key is practice: the better prepared you are, the less nervous you will be.


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