Work Learning Positions and Research...

Work Learning Positions and Research Assistant Positions

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Finding a university job that will help build your resume in your field while in school is a great advantage to the post secondary community. Colleges and universities are highly functional institutions that not only provide education, but also jobs for hundreds to thousands of people depending on the size of the institute. Why not make your part time job work for you? There are so many benefits to Work learn positions (where you learn on the job), and Research Assistant (RA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) jobs. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.


RA and TA jobs and work learn positions are considered to be experience by potential and current employers. If you are going to school to be a librarian for example, and you TA for data collecting and literature classes and work as a stocker in the university library, in the future that counts as actual on hand experience within the field.

Thinking of the future

If you do a good job, your mentors can write you solid and valuable recommendation letters. These RA and TA jobs also transfer well to other universities if you are making the jump to a Masters or Ph.D. program. This could mean a better university and more scholarship opportunities are in your future. The more experience you have, the more a school is likely to give you grants. It also builds your reputation as a keener and a hard worker.

Money, money, money

Everyone needs some extra bucks. Work learn positions (such as PR, organizational, secretarial, and research job placements) do tend to pay pretty decent depending on the university. The best part is that you are doing something in your field (rather than the typical retail and service related jobs), and you’re sticking around the campus. This makes less stress for you and more chances to network within the community of professors, working professionals and students. We all need money, but it’s extra sweet if you can get it doing something that is related to your career choice.


Ever heard of learning on the job? Well RA/TA and work Learn jobs are an example of that where the mentors are actually expecting and willing to teach you as you go along. Hence the ‘work’ and ‘learn’. There is patience and moulding involved, making this a truly great experience for a student hoping to fully immerse themselves in the world of their chosen career.

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